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[edit] "Bill"

  • Speculated to be either the terminator Cromartie from TSCC (based on similar appearance) or a Resistance member (based on communication with a player).
  • An email from the Resistance on Feb 8, 2008 reveals it is indeed a new terminator unit:
There is another SkyNet terminator on the loose. It is not Cromartie. He is looking to kill everyone from Enitech. He is missing most of his skin after an explosion last night at one of our Oakland safe houses. 2 of our men were killed.
[edit] January 22, 2008
  • First mentioned by Zoltan after picking up a resistance package in New York City.
    He describes "Bill" as "a tall hooded man wearing a skiing mask and some kinda goggles that completely cover his face", who said he was "an associate of [his] father (whom [he has] not heard from in over a decade)". Bill gave him the package and told him to protect it at all costs. Bill mentions a rogue resistance cell and "preventing someone from 'compromising the integrity of the code'". (the description matches the image shown to the right, which was taken by Anna and posted on EniTech's blog).
  • This description also matches the appearance of Cromartie in episode 2 and 3 (seen to the right) as well as other cameo/shadey appearances recorded on camera by various Enitech employees. It appears to be a programmed disguise in the event of loss of synthetic skin.
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