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[edit] EniTech Blog

[edit] Entry: (January 25th, 2008 1:40pm)

[edit] Enitech update video on the latest news from the Gardner Project 1/25/08 (direct link)

[edit] Notes

Transcription, thanks to celina63:

Frank: "It has now become all too clear that a devastating nuclear event of incredible scale is about to descend upon our civilization. ::: sigh ::: The available evidence that we have gathered is overwhelming.

Mike: It looks like the global nuclear event will occur in 3 years and 3 months, approximately 1179 days, that's just our best estimate, but of course we hope that by disseminating this information to the public, we can avoid this entirely.

Anna: For the past week, many of you have been discovering these cameras hidden throughout the country. The information on these devices is very important to our research. We're going to post more on our blog shortly.

Mike: Though the technology is rough, we now have the ability to extract tachyon particle information from an ordinary digital photograph, which means for you, when you send in your digital photographs from all over the country, we'll be able to process a few of them.

Anna: Our hope is to get a better global picture of how widespread and devastating this event actually is.

Frank: We realize that this information is probably going to be more useful to future survivors than it is to us as mere onlookers from the past. As a result, what we're gonna do is take the digital and hardcopy images and lock them up in a vault here at EniTech Research.

Anna: So please send us your photographs to feedback@enitechlabs.com. We're looking for photographs of anything, really - critical infrastructure to the city, your home town, crucial military installations - anything at all will be greatly helpful...

Mike: Now just make sure when you *do* take these photographs that you're not arrested by Homeland Security...

Frank: ::chuckling:: Speaking of that, I know that some of you have had questions. The answer is Yes: We *have* been in touch with officials at the Department of Defense, and they are being kept well informed. ::pause:: That's really all I can tell you now... but I will tell you that as long as the Department of Defense allows us to continue broadcasting, we will continue providing information on this critical situation to you.

Anna: I'd like to thank the community for helping us [progress?] this project at this very critical time.
[edit] Frames
  • In hidden frames are the follow images, likely placed by The Resistance...
  • "The Turk" was a chess-playing machine with AI developed in the third episode by Andy Goode in his home, destroyed (supposedly?) by Sarah Connor through arson.
  • The lighter grey "The Turk is not dead" image when adjusted and inverted appears to have what looks like a photo's imprint slightly visible in the background.
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