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[edit] 2nd recovered device image. From the New York City device (direct link)
A few days ago we were contacted by someone named Zoltan who gave us this message...

Yesterday I was contacted by someone who refused to identify himself as anything but a member of "the resistance". This individual provided me with spatial and temporal coordinates to utilize when activating the device I received from Bill.

I do not know the significance of these coordinates nor the necessity to face north when activating the device. Although, I assume, from my limited understanding of temporal mechanics, that the orientation is somehow connected with the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field on tachyons. Perhaps this will assist in enhancing the resolution of the processed image?

I am attaching two images: one with the provided compass in the frame and one without.

Lat: 40.749703
Lon: -73.987674
Time: 12:50PM EST Jan 24, 2008

Let’s see what develops.


Here is the image from the device…

And here is the image after post-processing…

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