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[edit] EniTech Blog

[edit] Entry: (February 2nd, 2008 10:26am)

[edit] In the wake of Mike’s death, work still continues at Enitech (direct link)
We have been in a deep shock the past couple days and struggling to keep to our work in the face of Mike Shelton’s senseless killing. Thanks to all of you who’ve been contacting us asking how to help and what you can do. Monday most of us will resume business as normal (as much as possible) here at Enitech Research and continue on with our work on the Gardner Project.
Thanks as well to those who’ve been sending in all these photos for us to process. We have already processed a photo of downtown St. Louis and a photo of Astoria, OR we’ll release on Monday and some interesting ones we’re working on in places like Rome and NORAD.

In the meantime, here’s something found on Mike’s laptop by investigators. It’s the final image from the recovered devices. The last camera was found in Florida and here is the photograph taken by Adam, who nabbed the buried device:

Here is the image that Mike had processed:

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