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[edit] Flickr: "The Resistance"

  • A flickr account created January 23, 2008, supposedly owned by The Resistance as a form of communication.
  • No profile details available
  • The owner contacted vpisteve on January 23 regarding the special package he picked up in California.
[edit] Pictures
  • 19 pictures uploaded in 2 sets - "Good" and "Bad"
  • one picture has a description, and tags:
    campbucca iraq marinecorps unclassified
  • Two pictures ([1], [2]) have exif data for when the picture was taken (both 2005), the rest of the photos are dated January 23, 2008
  • These pictures were likely nabbed from various sources and the exif data wasn't stripped, so 'date taken' really has no bearing.
[edit] January 24, 2008
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