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[edit] Puzzles

  • red denotes unsolved puzzles, green denotes solved

[edit] BlueCom advanced research AI

  • Based on the 3-dimensional pyramidal neural network diagram retrieved from The Resistance via tachyon photos taken of the future, Dyson Trust has programmed it's advanced AI research program BlueCom to input six values into the neural network, and produce a result.

  • BlueCom has a secure access interface located at http://dysontrust.org/Bluecom (access granted by Dyson Trust as they see fit - currently only thebruce has been given access, by being the first to send a photo of the constructed pyramid (see above))

[edit] The Interface

  • On logging in, the user is prompted for 6 input values: these can be any length strings, composed of any characters.
  • After entering all 6, BlueCom determines a final result, consisting of:
    • A 6 'slice' pie, with any number of connected nodes
    • A single central character that appears to represent the diagram being depicted
  • It's believed the final resulting diagram should appear exactly as shown to the right (an image included with Mike's notes on Enitech's blog)
[edit] Test Cases
All 6 nodes left blank
All 6 nodes left blank
Values 1 through 6
Values 1 through 6
All nodes = 1
All nodes = 1
  • False results include the text:
    "Unexpected cascade event Enter to retry"
  • Notes of Mike's were recently found on his desk and posted on Enitech's blog, in which he lists the 5 GPS coordinates of the special tachyon camera photos (4 containing the RESIST diagram pieces). He lists a 6th latitude/longitude, of the location shown in the future crime scene photo of Jacob Gustar - "2391 Seaway"
  • These six coordinates (listed in order found) are:
    37.947057 -122.570434 (San Francisco)
    34.261553 -118.496448 (Los Angeles)
    40.714924 -73.991906 (New York)
    30.474281 -97.985428 (Austin, TX)
    28.683445 -81.396604 (Orlando, FL)
    37.894244 -122.528222 (near Saucalito, CA - Jacob's crime scene)
    • the last is the GPS decimal equivalent of Mike's latitude/longtitude noted as:
    +37° 53' 39.28", -122° 31' 41.60"
  • The result after inputting these six numbers pairs varies if anything is different - that is, entering the pairs with or without a comma and/or space produces different diagrams, even if the numbers themselves are the same - a different order of the same values also changes the diagram
  • A central character also reflects in some way the value entered as the 6th item.
  • These are the results of the various coordinate formats:
Coords as"00.000000 -00.000000"
Coords as
"00.000000 -00.000000"
Coords as"00.000000, -00.000000"
Coords as
"00.000000, -00.000000"
Coords as"00.000000,-00.000000"
Coords as
[edit] Steps taken (spoilers below, if you want to solve yourself):
  1. After discovering that the values "one" through "six" produced a match to Mike's diagram (but returned an unknown cascade error), the BlueCom flash interface was dissected.
  2. The GPS coordinates: 37.859576,-122.48479 were discovered in a placeholder image.
  3. Dyson Trust was asked about these coordinates, to which they responded it was actually the location of a coffee shop they frequently met with Enitech staff for drinks and discussion. They then directed us to Enitech's real offices at GPS 37.862577,-122.492763
  4. After Anna's attack video was posted, a letter from her to Frank was also posted, which included a second BlueCom diagram.
  5. Quickly, it was discovered that four of the known GPS coordinates matches specific 'slices' of the 2nd BlueCom diagram. The 5th was discovered to be the coordinates for Enitech's office building given by Dyson Trust.
  6. Conversing with Dyson, Enitech, and The Resistance, led to the revelation that the commonality for each coordinate was that they were all locations a Terminator had visited. The final appearance of course, being Anna's apartment.
  7. Anna's apartment was quickly located after asking Enitech for that detail, giving a full set of six working GPS coordinates, that both produced the matching diagram to Anna's letter, and did not produce a cascade failure response from BlueCom.
    • 34.046935,-118.250688 LA (the bank - Cromartie in TSCC) provided by vpisteve, revealed through Mike's notes
    • 40.714924,-73.991906 NY ("Bill" - meeting with Zoltan), revealed through Mike's notes
    • 37.947057,-122.570434 SF (On the hillside with Anna and Mike - the 2nd T888) revealed through Mike's notes
    • 37.862577,-122.492763 SF (Enitech's office - where the T888 killed Mike) revealed in a Dyson email Feb 11
    • 37.759536,-122.444816 SF (Anna's apartment - recent T888 appearance) revealed by asking Enitech
    • 37.894244,-122.528222 SF (Jake's murder locale - the T888 will kill him there) given via the resistance in the future crime scene photo, revealed through Mike's notes
  8. Entering these 6 GPS coordinates reveals a new set of information. As per Mike's theory of the predictive algorithm (enter 6 values, predict the 7th) - the result can be assumed to be the next potential location a Terminator will visit (or has).

[edit] Result

  • These images flash by quickly after entering the correct 6 values
  • Followed by a new GPS location and instructions:
On the floor marked "L" find the bulletin board.
  • This GPS location 37.85969,-122.488858 is the 'Sausalito City Hall, at 420 Litho St., Sausalito, CA. It appears we have a deaddrop, or a Terminator-related message, at this location.

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