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[edit] Tachyon Camera

[edit] AKA The Gardner Project

  • A special camera being developed by Enitech Research Labs
  • The first public video of the camera in action, part of the research project dubbed The Gardner Project, was posted in their blog entry from January 6, 2008.
  • The origin of the name "The Gardner Project" is described in this blog entry from September 12, 2007.
[edit] Origins
  • After discovering the device status document, the origin of the camera was clarified.
    A man found a device and brought it to Dyson Trust for advice because he was told to find and contact EniTech Research Laboratories. Enitech didn't yet exist except in name, proposed by Dr. Frank Bentley. Bentley didn't recognize the device, so Dr. Baxter of the Trust board studied it and approved Bentley's Enitech proposal, which gained funding for the project they called "The Gardner Project". Through studying this device, the tachyon camera was built.
[edit] Description
  • Definition of Tachyon from dictionary.com:
    n. A hypothetical subatomic particle that always travels faster than the speed of light.
  • Detailed description on Wikipedia.
  • In short: because the tachyon travels faster than light, it's theorized that it travels backwards through time, rather than forwards. Due to this physical property, when the tachyon camera takes a photo, the photo must be processed (taking up to 17 hours in some cases) to depict the tachyons captured. In effect, the image formed is actually an image from the future, determined by Enitech to be approximately 1193 days forward in time.
  • Initially the count was 1191 days, but as their research progressed, the gap period's margin of error was reduced, and is currently believed to sit at about 1193 days.

For photos produced by the camera (and others), see Tachyon photos

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