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[edit] Full Timeline, Part 4

[edit] Firing Canons

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[edit] January 22, 2008

  • vpisteve managed to find a hidden package at the California location.
    The package is a thermos containing a number of items, including a camera with the back plate removed (likely what 'resistance device' is referring to), a battery charger, a USB cable, an empty 32MB CF memory card, and a survival multi-tool. No clues or messages were found with it or in it
  • The second package has reportedly been picked up from "Lily" by a person named Bill, but no report of the package has yet made its way online, and Bill's location is unknown.
  • "Zoltan Gerts" posted in the Cyberdyne facebook group explaining that a man named Bill approached him and gave him the package, along with a lot of additional information
    He describes "Bill" as "a tall hooded man wearing a skiing mask and some kinda goggles that completely cover his face", who said he was "an associate of [his] father (whom [he has] not heard from in over a decade)". Bill gave him the package and told him to protect it at all costs. Bill mentions a rogue resistance cell and "preventing someone from 'compromising the integrity of the code'". The package contents are the same as vpisteves in California, but with the addition of a note which simply says: "Face North. Take a photograph. Contact Enitech Research."
    Who is Bill? Who is Zoltan?

[edit] January 23, 2008

  • New Enitech blog post: 2 devices recovered in LA and NY. 2 still hidden. New photos coming in
    Photos of the two packages that were picked up are posted, along with the accounts of the deaddrops. Zoltan's meeting with the mysterious Bill included, but still no information is known. They are concerned for the safety of those who find the cameras. They also received an email from someone named Alex containing a number of photos in similar fashion to their tachyon camera's results - someone else may possess a similar device.
  • Later, vpisteve received a communication from a flickr account named "The Resistance":
 :: the device

If you are still in possession of the device contact me immediately and you will receive instructions.

Be careful.

They are watching you.


  • vpisteve replied, to which he received another response:
Someone wants to send you a message.

Go to Security Trust of Los Angeles, point the device at box A117 inside the bank vault. It has steel walls that can withstand a severe nuclear blast with an estimated yield of around 50 megatons. Take a photo with the device.

Send us your coordinates where the photo was taken.

Send the photo to Enitech and tell them to process it.

Let's see what develops.

  • The bank Security Trust of Los Angeles is the bank that Sarah, John, and Cameron visited in the pilot episode, when locating box A117 registered to "E. Boykins", or "The Engineer" - a resistance fighter from the future who developed a powerful weapon and components for a time displacement field which would take them to 2007 - in the middle of the 105 freeway (indicating the bank was destroyed).
  • Frank Bentley's status on his facebook profile now reads: "busy collecting"

[edit] January 24, 2008

  • Frank Bentley's status on his facebook profile now reads: "checking into a rumor"
  • vpisteve travels to the bank to carry out his task.
    He takes two pictures of the bank and sends them to Enitech for processing.
  • Enitech replies to Steve saying
Thank you. We've been contacted by someone claiming to be in "the resistance" who has asked us to process these images using our system. We're curious to find out what will turn up. We'll be in touch soon.
Excellent work.

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