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[edit] Full Timeline, Part 5

[edit] Resistance isn't futile

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[edit] January 24, 2008

  • A new image on the Restistance's flickr account is posted showing newspaper clippings, and saved in a new set "other".
    The central clip is Dutch, but contains a paragraph of numbers - code? This begins a new puzzle to solve.

[edit] January 25, 2008

  • New Enitech blog post: Enitech update video on the latest news from the Gardner Project 1/25/08
    A video outlining their findings from the past couple of days is posted, with the realization that there will be a devastating event occuring within about 3 years. With this in mind, they are storing their findings in a very ssafe vault for the future, for the survivors, in case it helps them.
    Also hidden within the video are numerous frames - likely placed there by The Resistance. One seems to prompt us with an email to contact them (takebackthefuture@gmail.com); one tells us that "The Turk is not dead", and one is a clip of a dead enitech member - Jacob Gustar! (the one asked to pose in front of a wall in 3 years, who the tachyon photo showed didn't make it)
  • Prompted by the final hidden frame of the crime scene, KookieB emailed EniTech asking if Jacob Gustar was dead, to which they replied:
You must be confused. Jacob is still very much alive. He's sitting across from me as I write this.
  • On emailing the Resistance email address from the video, a response is sent containing a second numeric code to solve.
  • thebruce emailed the Resistance asking if they had any additional information about Jacob Gustar's apparent murder. A reply was received quickly containing the original image that was inserted into the video of Jacob's crime scene (right). Note the date: the photo was taken April 11, 2008 - almost 3 months in the future.

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