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  • red denotes unsolved puzzles, green denotes solved

coded phrases

gvnrmc uqxjay /
lwyeavmks /
ui /
2fw wyelet mqyi utbsrft

Steps Taken

  1. Go back to Enitech's blog entry containing a message from the Resistance:
    We have a message for you from the resistance fighter who placed the cameras:
    No fate but what we make. Resist the machines. Take back the future.
    Remember this. You’ll need it someday soon.
  2. Using the ciphertext:
    gvnrmc uqxjay lwyeavmks ui 2fw wyelet mqyi utbsrft
  3. Apply the phrase as a vigenere key to the encoded text (note the "2" is ignored)
    no fate but what we make resist the machines take back the future
  4. Return the decoded result:
    • THIRTY TWENTY SAUSALITO CA 2ND DRAZER FILE CABINET ("drazer" should likely be "drawer" - encoding mistake)
  • The only 3020 address in Sausalito is 3020 Bridgeway, a plaza with a number of businesses.
  • It's a deaddrop, in the "2nd drawer file cabinet" in one of these businesses.
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