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*: 4) 37.862577,-122.492763 SF (gps location of Enitech's offices, via an email from the Resistance on the 11th) *: 4) 37.862577,-122.492763 SF (gps location of Enitech's offices, via an email from the Resistance on the 11th)
*: 6) 37.894244,-122.528222 SF (location of crime photo take of [[Jacob]]'s murder; converted from the latitude/longitude given at the end of [[EniTech-Blog-20080208|Mike's notes]]) *: 6) 37.894244,-122.528222 SF (location of crime photo take of [[Jacob]]'s murder; converted from the latitude/longitude given at the end of [[EniTech-Blog-20080208|Mike's notes]])
-* The input value "Forty-Eight" is determined work in input slot number 5.+* The input value "Forty-Eight" is discovered to produce an exact slice pattern as enterd in input slot number 5.
=== February 13, 2008 === === February 13, 2008 ===

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Timeline of Events

The Terminator is a bold storyline that makes some intriguing, and complicated, statements about time travel, the future of humanity. There have been 3 wide release movies released (in 1984, 1991, and 2003) each incporating some variation of events in the timeline due to meddling from the future. There have also been official comics, graphic novels, and more released in the Terminator universe. The new TV series on Fox, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles raises some questions about how it fits in to the existing canon of past franchise releases. The director has stated that he's writing the series as if Terminator 3 'never happened'.

Part 0 - Terminator franchise timeline

Below is one of the best overviews I've found summarizing a possible outline of events since the franchise began. (note: it's not official, but a Terminator fan's interpretation - originally posted here by 'Kanten')

After being delayed in T2, Judgment Day occurs in 2004. With a basic army already supplied and more modern technology, Skynet makes accelerated progress in taking a majority of the planet ,and develops the time machine two years earlier circa 2027. Skynet returns to its original plan, dispatching a Terminator to 1999. Tech-Com successfully seizes the machine for a brief period and dispatches an engineer to 1963. The ripple effect eventually leads to Sarah's cancer remaining dormant. The resistance sends units to 1999 and 2007 before Skynet regains control.

Timeline 1:
  • 1997: Skynet Defense Network goes online, and triggers a nuclear war, leaving 3 billion dead.
  • 2029: Skynet sends two Terminators to 1984 and 1995 to effectively eliminate John Connor. Tech-Com sends Kyle Reese and a reprogrammed T-800 (movie T1) resulting in...

Timeline 2:
  • 1984: Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese successfully defeat the T-800.
  • 1985: John Connor is born.
  • 1995: The T-1000 is destroyed by the Connors and the T-800. All current Skynet research is destroyed. (movie T2)
  • 1997: Sarah Connor dies of leukemia.
  • 2004: Robert Brewster and CRS activate the Skynet Defense Network, triggering the events of Judgment Day (movie T3).
  • (2032): Skynet sends the T-X to 2004. The following events shorten the war to 2027.
  • 2027: Skynet completes its time machine and dispatches a Terminator to 1999 (TSCC). Tech-Com sends its own, plus a technician to 1963 resulting in...

Timeline 3:
  • 1963: The Tech-Com technician uses future knowledge to construct a time machine in the Security Trust of Los Angeles' bank vault.
  • 1984: Events of T1 happen as originally.
  • 1995: Events of T2. Sarah Connor shows no signs of illness in the following period (possibly due to something 'The Engineer' did? This may also affect Brewster and CRS' triggering of Skynet in T3, as John would still be with Sarah, and leading events would play out differently).
  • 1999: 'Cromartie' attempts to terminate John Connor, but the plan is thwarted by the reprogrammed Terminator (Cameron). The Connors and the Terminator travel to 2007.
  • 2007: *current*

Part 1 - Rabbithole/Pregame (Enitech and The Gardner Project)

( Autumn 2007 - January 13, 2008 :: View the detailed timeline of events here )

EniTech Research Laboratories created a website to bring their latest research- The Gardner Project to the public. Their research has developed a 'tachyon camera' - a camera that takes pictures of future. A video blog on youtube raised a ruckus from people calling it fake, a hoax - but we knew better. An early blog post on their site referenced Cyberdyne, linking it to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show on Fox, which has an extended reality / viral site Takebackthefuture.com.

The tachyon camera produces pictures of tachyons (theoretical particles that travel backwards through time), photos estimated to be about 1193 days to the future; 1193 is also the number the counter of TBTF.com seems to be counting to. January 13 saw the premiere of the TV show - and the day the counter read 1193.

Pictures revealed so far by Enitech show a chaotic, destroyed future San Francisco, including newspaper headlines claiming viral outbreaks, hospitals closing, and more. We even see an image of an enormous machine clutching a school bus. These are ideas posted in response to Enitech's request for ideas for photo to take with their special camera.

Other notable events:

- First appearance of mysterious Zoltan Gerts
- Experimental photo of Jacob Gustar now and 3 years from now

Part 2 - Miles Dyson: In memoriam

January 14, 2008

Lately I've been getting quite a few messages looking for information about Cyberdyne Systems. To everyone contacting me looking for information...

The company is gone. They haven't been around for years. Unforunately they were ruined by the attack in 1991.

If you're still interested in that type of work then I would suggest you should check out the non-profit trust setup in my late friend's memory. Though it's not the same type company, they do have similar cutting edge research projects.

January 16, 2008

  • New Enitech blog entry: Jan 16, 2008 - g61a/b
    A photo of a nearby neighborhood with a regular camera shows a natural environment - the tachyon camera shows a frighteningly different scene.

January 17, 2008

  • New Enitech blog post: Jan 17, 2008 - Anna Reponds.
    Anna posts a video blog complaining about the obsessing going on over the photo of her posted by Mike, she references the Somethingawful forums and the Unfiction forums by nme, and emphasizes one should 'always be worried about the future'. There are also a number of equations and words scribbled on the whiteboard behind the worried Anna.

January 18, 2008

  • Anna Kies' login to Dyson Trust hacked
    The Anna's worried puzzle was solved, revealing the login to Dyson Trust's secure section, where we learn in a letter from Lawrence Kelly, about the Centurion Project - proposed to Dyson Trust by an unknown organization for support funding and support, which they rejected, but recommended forwarding to the Department of Defense (though offering their services in an advisory role).
    A second letter discussed the status of the Enitech project - the initial proposal from Dr. Bentley, based on a device that was discovered (a camera, as described later in an Enitech video). Dr. Baxter, a Dyson board member, examined the device and approved Bentley's request, making it Enitech's next R&D project (now the tachyon camera).
    The final 4 images are of what appear to be punchcards, begging to be decoded

Part 3 - Red eye

January 18, 2008

  • New Enitech blog post: Anna at the device recovery location
    Anna posts a video at the site where they found a modified camera that their team reversed engineered and which became the basis for the Gardner Project. Along with the camera were four punchcards which they believe hold the locations of four other cameras. The video is interrupted by an approaching figure in the distance, prompting the team to flee the location. On arrival at their vehicle, before they're able to get away, a threatening person appears at the driver's window, but not soon enough, and the team escapes.

January 21, 2008

  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 3 premieres on Fox

Part 4 - Firing Canons

January 22, 2008

  • vpisteve managed to find a hidden package at the California location.
    The package is a thermos containing a number of items, including a camera with the back plate removed (likely what 'resistance device' is referring to), a battery charger, a USB cable, an empty 32MB CF memory card, and a survival multi-tool. No clues or messages were found with it or in it
  • The second package has reportedly been picked up from "Lily" by a person named Bill, but no report of the package has yet made its way online, and Bill's location is unknown.
  • "Zoltan Gerts" posted in the Cyberdyne facebook group explaining that a man named Bill approached him and gave him the package, along with a lot of additional information
    He describes "Bill" as "a tall hooded man wearing a skiing mask and some kinda goggles that completely cover his face", who said he was "an associate of [his] father (whom [he has] not heard from in over a decade)". Bill gave him the package and told him to protect it at all costs. Bill mentions a rogue resistance cell and "preventing someone from 'compromising the integrity of the code'". The package contents are the same as vpisteves in California, but with the addition of a note which simply says: "Face North. Take a photograph. Contact Enitech Research."
    Who is Bill? Who is Zoltan?

January 23, 2008

  • New Enitech blog post: 2 devices recovered in LA and NY. 2 still hidden. New photos coming in
    Photos of the two packages that were picked up are posted, along with the accounts of the deaddrops. Zoltan's meeting with the mysterious Bill included, but still no information is known. They are concerned for the safety of those who find the cameras. They also received an email from someone named "Alex" containing a number of photos in similar fashion to their tachyon camera's results - someone else may possess a similar device.
  • Later, vpisteve received a communication from a flickr account named "The Resistance":
 :: the device

If you are still in possession of the device contact me immediately and you will receive instructions.

Be careful.

They are watching you.


  • vpisteve replied, to which he received another response:
Someone wants to send you a message.

Go to Security Trust of Los Angeles, point the device at box A117 inside the bank vault. It has steel walls that can withstand a severe nuclear blast with an estimated yield of around 50 megatons. Take a photo with the device.

Send us your coordinates where the photo was taken.

Send the photo to Enitech and tell them to process it.

Let's see what develops.

  • The bank Security Trust of Los Angeles is the bank that Sarah, John, and Cameron visited in the pilot episode, when locating box A117 registered to "E. Boykins", or "The Engineer" - a resistance fighter from the future who developed a powerful weapon and components for a time displacement field which would take them to 2007 - in the middle of the 105 freeway (indicating the bank was destroyed).
  • Frank Bentley's status on his facebook profile now reads: "busy collecting"

January 24, 2008

  • Frank Bentley's status on his facebook profile now reads: "checking into a rumor"
  • vpisteve travels to the bank to carry out his task.
    He takes two pictures of the bank and sends them to Enitech for processing.
  • Enitech replies to Steve saying
Thank you. We've been contacted by someone claiming to be in "the resistance" who has asked us to process these images using our system. We're curious to find out what will turn up. We'll be in touch soon.
Excellent work.

Part 5 - Resistance isn't futile

January 24, 2008

  • A new image on the Restistance's flickr account is posted showing newspaper clippings, and saved in a new set "other".
    The central clip is Dutch, but contains a paragraph of numbers - code? This begins a new puzzle to solve.

January 25, 2008

  • New Enitech blog post: Enitech update video on the latest news from the Gardner Project 1/25/08
    A video outlining their findings from the past couple of days is posted, with the realization that there will be a devastating event occuring within about 3 years. With this in mind, they are storing their findings in a very ssafe vault for the future, for the survivors, in case it helps them.
    Also hidden within the video are numerous frames - likely placed there by The Resistance. One seems to prompt us with an email to contact them (takebackthefuture@gmail.com); one tells us that "The Turk is not dead", and one is a clip of a dead enitech member - Jacob Gustar! (the one asked to pose in front of a wall in 3 years, who the tachyon photo showed didn't make it)
  • Prompted by the final hidden frame of the crime scene, KookieB emailed EniTech asking if Jacob Gustar was dead, to which they replied:
You must be confused. Jacob is still very much alive. He's sitting across from me as I write this.
  • On emailing the Resistance email address from the video, a response is sent containing a second numeric code to solve.
  • thebruce emailed the Resistance asking if they had any additional information about Jacob Gustar's apparent murder. A reply was received quickly containing the original image that was inserted into the video of Jacob's crime scene (right). Note the date: the photo was taken April 11, 2008 - almost 3 months in the future.

Part 6 - Hexed

January 25, 2008

January 27, 2008

  • catherwood managed to reverse-engineer the latest two numeric puzzles, revealing the locations of the final two cameras - Lago Vista, by Austin, TX, and by a baseball field in Orland, FL.

January 28, 2008

  • New Enitech blog post: 2nd recovered device image. From the New York City device.
    Zoltan sent in his photo from NY, with a little info passed on from his contact "Bill". He was given coordinates to photograph from, and to face north. He sent two photos - one with a compass in the frame and one without. Enitech processed and displayed the latter. In the frame, for the second time, is a "RESIST" plaque with another symbol (this one differs from the first, revealed in Steve's bank vault photo earlier). Thus we may be looking at another puzzle.

Part 7 - The hunt part 2

January 29, 2008

  • RoseKitty retrieves the Austin, TX resistance package, takes a north-facing photo with the camera, and submits it to Enitech. Photos of the drop are on her flickr.
  • New Enitech blog post: 3rd Recovered Device Image. From Texas
    rosekitty, aka Ellie, had her photo from the Texas camera processed (the image she submitted was already loaded on the camera, oddly)

January 30, 2008

  • A series of emails were sent from the Resistance after 3am Eastern, each growing more urgent, containing increasing amounts of the message below:
there is one more device remaining.

skynet is coming now.

warn enitech.

no more time left. (previously: only hours left)

Attached were photos of the exact deaddrop location for the last resistance package in Orland FL, seeming to verify the GPS coordinates that were given.
  • A short time later, Made@Dark manages to retrieve the final resistance package from Orlando, FL. It also contains the same contents as the previous packages, with a photo pre-existing on the memory card. (all photos available on his photobucket)
  • Takebackthefuture.com is updated with video clips and a series of specific countdown numbers interspersed throughout the clips: 2739, 1987, 1920, 1975, 7542, 0232, 1206.
  • New EniTech blog entry: Jan 30, 2008 - Warnings.
    Enitech clears the air and lets people know they've received the warnings about the old Cyberdyne project (Skynet) and a potential security threat to an employee. They are staying alert.

January 31, 2008

  • An email was received by TimonyCrickets from Frank in response to his emailed warning:
Thanks for the warning Timony. We'll keep our eyes open. Tomorrow morning I'll talk to the security staff at our building about the issue.
  • New EniTech blog entry: Jan 31, 2008 - Webcam footage recorded hours ago.
    A video is posted of a webcam conversation between Mike and Anna. The outlook does not look good for Mike. However, Mike reveals what may be the key for understanding the RESIST symbols - a form of neural network diagram. They also ask anyone to email them with information if it's known.
  • An email was received by Punchline from Frank in response to his emailed information:
We use an electronic keycard system and yes, the building automatically locks up after 6:30pm. Investigators are still working to figure out exactly how and why the intruder gained access without force.

February 08

February 1, 2008

  • An email was received by thebruce from Enitech after emailing with condolences and and information:
We are still struggling to overcome the loss and it will be hard to overcome. Our team is working to salvage the work that Mike was doing for us. He was in the process of processing the 4th image and we are working to find out what's on it.

February 2, 2008

February 4, 2008

tell the others

they have all the pieces

February 5, 2008

No, send them to someone who can use them
(re: Mike's neural network idea)

Actually Ben, I think Mike was right.

You know I have to be honest, neural networks are kind of out of our league. If you feel like you have something working from those Resist diagrams, you should send it to the Dyson Trust. They can probably tell you more accurately if it works.

February 6, 2008

The pyramid idea intrigues us. Has anyone tried assembling the diagram in three dimensions?

February 7, 2008

Why not just construct it as a basic pyramid shape? I'd be curious to see what that looks like.

February 8, 2008

  • New EniTech blog entry: Feb 8, 2008 - Mike's notes.
    A couple of note sheets found on Mike's desk after his murder are posted for review, including a new circular diagram that seems somehow related to the pyramid diagram. Mike seemed to believe the symbols formed a 3D pyramid.
  • An email was received by resistor from the Resistance regarding a new danger:
There is another SkyNet terminator on the loose. It is not Cromartie. He is looking to kill everyone from Enitech. He is missing most of his skin after an explosion last night at one of our Oakland safe houses. 2 of our men were killed. Anna is the next target.
  • thebruce reveals events leading up to BlueCom. He sent a small photo of a folded pyramid using a transparency copy of the symbol diagram in its triangular layout. See BlueCom for more information about the Dyson Foundation's latest project.

February 10, 2008

  • New EniTech blog entry: Feb 10, 2008 - First a device to see the future, now Russian scientists at Steklov Mathematical Institute work on a way to travel there
    An article from the Daily Mail is quoted, reported on new Russion technology that may become the world's first time machine. (link)
  • Coordinates from Mike's notes are believed to be the required six entry values for BlueCom. (however no variation of these produces a 'correct' answer)
    CA) 34.261553 -118.496448 (vpisteve's camera location?)
    NY) 40.714924 -73.991906 (zoltan's photo location?)
    FL) 28.683445 -81.396604 (madeatdark's camera location)
    TX) 30.474281 -97.985428 (rosekitty's camera location)
    SF) 37.947057 -122.570434 (San Fran camera location?)
    SF) +37° 53' 39.28", -122° 31' 41.60" (the building Jake's crime scene photo was taken in)

February 11, 2008

  • Emails sent to Enitech regarding user-submitted photo submissions are replied to, indicating Anna has been unreachable.
Thanks so much for your submission. We will have Anna process it as soon as I can get a hold of her. We haven't been able to reach her all day.
  • New EniTech blog entry: Feb 11, 2008 - Email warnings
    Anna has been working elsewhere, but warnings sent by email to Enitech have been passed on, including the recent warning from the resistance about the other Terminator.
  • New EniTech blog entry: Feb 11, 2008 - Enitech users joining Dyson Trust for the BlueCom AI initiative; Create animated diagram of neural network from the future
    Enitech shares that Dyson is now accepting applications to join the BlueCom team and receive a secure login, by emailing submissions@dysontrust.org. MrToasty also created a video showing a 3D render of the neural net pyramid.
  • MrToasty discovered a set of input values that produce the expected diagram - input values 1 through 6 as "one" through "six" accordingly (lower case, spelled numbers). However, the response still indicates invalid input.
  • The Flash interface to BlueCom was decompiled to try to determine the algorithm for producing a response. Each input value is converted to a seed value by summing the ascii values of each character for each string, thus any string where the ascii values add to the same total produce the same result pattern in BlueCom's diagram.
  • Also contained in the flash interface was a new GPS coordinate: 37.859576,-122.48479
    KookieB emailed Dyson Trust about this discovered coordinate, who then explained that it was the location of a little coffee shop (North Point Coffee Company) they frequently met with Enitech employees for a drink and chat, just down the road from Enitech's own office, at 37.862577,-122.492763.
Yes, that information is our placeholder data. When the system actually feeds back a correct value (not an unexpected cascade event), that data is dynamically changed to reflect the actual result. It's actually a nice little coffee shop just down the street from Enitech where we meet those guys all the time to talk about mutual research developments. They're literally right up the street from there (at ll=37.862577,-122.492763).
  • The interface sends the calculated seed values to an external parser. Attempting to intercept the transmission and directly call the parser results in the following warning:
incorrect data

instrusion detected
triangulating coordinates
Thank you for your service

  • New EniTech blog entry: Feb 11, 2008 - Video recovered from Anna Kies' apartment
    A video was retrieved by the San Francisco police and sent to Enitech, from Anna's apartment. It explains, clearly, the difficulty for communication with Anna this week. We also find that the tachyon camera has been tweeked to be able to take photos as soon as 1 day, even 1 minute into the future. On her desk is also a book named "Build Your Own Combat Robot". Operating the camera is a man named Freddy. Neither Anna nor Freddy have been heard from - a skinless Terminator arrived at the apartment, prompting the pair to hide; eventually the video recording ended abruptly when it appears they were discovered.
  • Email to the Resistance is met with further cryptic clues:
The result you have is only a place holder.

The real answer only comes from knowing your enemy.

  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 4 premieres on Fox
  • More response from the Resistance contains more clues, after being asked whether Dyson Trust should be trusted:
We can never ever be sure, but we do know that the Dyson Trust has the resources and brain power to unlock the ability of that neural network. What they use it for is out of our control.

We might not be able to stop Skynet, but we could uncover a way to predict it.

  • Another new EniTech blog entry: Feb 11, 2008 - Document recovered from Anna Kies' apartment
    A letter to Frank at Enitech was discovered, dated February 9, 2008, containing information Anna received from a contact at the Resistance. The neural net diagram was stolen from a Skynet sronghold in 2013. She believes BlueCom is able to predict the machines' decisions if it's given the right input to interface with Skynet's algorithm. The letter also includes a new diagram.
    BlueCom now produces a different result for the values "one" through "six". It's quickly determined that a few of the known GPS coordinates match the patterns of 'slices' of the new diagram.

February 12, 2008

  • Five GPS locations are determined to match specific slots in the entry fields:
    1) 34.046935,-118.250688 LA (vpisteve's reported GPS coordinates)
    2) 40.714924,-73.991906 NY (zoltan's coordinates, via Mike's notes)
    3) 37.947057,-122.570434 SF (coordinates of Enitech's first camera discovery, via recovery location video)
    4) 37.862577,-122.492763 SF (gps location of Enitech's offices, via an email from the Resistance on the 11th)
    6) 37.894244,-122.528222 SF (location of crime photo take of Jacob's murder; converted from the latitude/longitude given at the end of Mike's notes)
  • The input value "Forty-Eight" is discovered to produce an exact slice pattern as enterd in input slot number 5.

February 13, 2008

  • An email from Dyson Trust contains a little more help:
I think Mike was on the wrong trail...

Consider who gave us the neural network diagrams. What did they want us to predict? Weren't they most likely the ones who planted the camera devices? If it was predictive about their behaviour it would only tell us locations where they might go. I think they're looking to predict something else.

  • An enquiry to the Resistance about the identity of Cromartie prompted this response:
Cromartie is the Terminator model that pursued John and Sarah Connor into a bank in Los Angeles many years ago. I believe someone from the Gardner Project took a photo of that bank.
  • Asking about the Skynet stronghold location in 2013 the neural net diagram was recovered from, The Resistance said:
The stronghold location is not what is needed. Track the progress of SkyNet Terminators and you can predict their movement
  • Each of the valid GPS coordinates were then connected to locations that terminator models had visited:
    1) 34.046935,-118.250688 LA (Security Trust of Los Angeles - Cromartie was there in TSCC episode 1)
    2) 40.714924,-73.991906 NY ("Bill" - meeting Zoltan)
    3) 37.947057,-122.570434 SF (video on the hillside - the masked, hooded figure after Anna and Mike)
    4) 37.862577,-122.492763 SF (Enitech's office - where the dark figure killed Mike)
    5) ??
    6) 37.894244,-122.528222 SF (Jake's murder location)
  • KookieB asked Enitech for the specific address and location of Anna's apartment, which they said was 37.759536, -122.444816 - the valid coordinate for entry slot number 5
  • On entering the six coordinates into BlueCom, the result is a quick flash of a number of images, followed by a paragraph of text:

On the floor marked "L" find the bulletin board.

Be extremely careful... you are now intercepting a SkyNet mission process.
  • Nighthawk asked Dyson Trust if they had any nearby contacts who could visit that location, their response:
Most of our researchers are based out of Los Angeles and our friends at Enitech are busy dealing with the tragic disappearance of 2 of their employees this week.
  • Bryanflurry asked the Resistance about Anna, their response:
I have not heard anything about her or the cameraman she was with.
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