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[edit] Enitech Device Status Document

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Initial report on the status of the Enitech device

June 1st, 2007 - A gentleman seeking EniTech Research Laboratories contacted the Dyson Trust for advice. At that time, EniTech Research Laboratories did not yet exist and therefore had no fixed address. One of the board member colleagues, Dr. Frank Bentley had recently proposed a new laboratory with the name EniTech which must have been more widely known at that time. LEGAL NOTE: Please review the terms of Dr. Bentley's NDA with him regarding his proposal. EniTech at this time should not be widely known to the public until after the Dyson Trust has concluded its financial review for this fiscal year.

The gentleman claimed that his reasons for approaching the Dyson Trust were as a good samaritan as he had located a device coupled with a note explaining to contact Enitech Laboratories. Dyson's office administrator collected the device from the gentleman at the central office. LEGAL NOTE: In hindsight, package security protocol needs to be updated despite the unforeseen benefits in this particular case.

As Dr. Bentley was preparing the secondary proposal for our upcoming board meeting, the office adminsitrator opted to return the device to him in person. She called him to notify him that it had been returned and was stored safely at Dyson's offices but was confused when Dr. Bentley claimed no knowledge of the device. LEGAL NOTE: Take a statement from the administrative team verifying this conversation.

Since the device did not belong to Dr. Bentley it was examined by one of our board members, Dr. Baxter. His preliminary notes on the device and its unique properties did not fully explain its functionality and the Board moved, seconded and passed a motion to put the device on extended loan to Dr. Bentley for further investigation as a condition of the Dyson Foundation's involvement in his research. LEGAL NOTE: At this time, Dr. Bentley signed a standard NDA and a revised agreement.

Dr. Bentley's exploratory reverse-engineering quickly began to yield results in tachyon collection and was approved in an emergency quorum of the Board to establish EniTech Research Laboratories as the officially supported project for this calendar year. Our standard backing has allowed them to significantly increase the size and staff of their research facility and we expect them to reach their proposed target of an operational prototype by early next year.

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