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[edit] EniTech Blog

[edit] Entry: (January 23rd, 2008 11:35am)

[edit] 2 devices recovered in LA and NY. 2 still hidden. New photos coming in (direct link)
We now have reports from Yesterday that 2 hidden containers with devices have been recovered from New York and Los Angeles. 2 others still remain hidden.

Here are some of the photographs from the device recovered in Granada Hills, CA north of Los Angeles, unearthed by a researcher named vpisteve...

The device in New York was also recovered, we’re still unsure exactly by who originally but it ultimately ended up in the hands of a man calling himself Zoltan...

According to several people working on this discovery, there were unusual reports around the recovery of the device in Manhattan. According to the expert researchers assisting us on these puzzles on unfiction.com there were several people who saw or heard a strange man named "Bill" around the device location...

News from NY:

A man named 'Bill' apparently picked up the package around 4:30 EST.

So I went to the store at about 6:15 or so, after telling Rowan that I didn’t want to go earlier today because it is far from my apartment and I didn’t want to waste my time, and someone had picked it up. It seems Lily is the owner of that store but she wasn’t there. The woman at the counter was very helpful. She said I was the 5th person to ask about the package. She said she didn’t know anything about it and had to call her boss when the person named “bill” came in to pick it up at 4:00 or 4:30 this evening.

Yeah, I was informed by someone working there that "Bill" had picked up the package an hour prior to my arrival.

Ultimately the person who appeared to have obtained the NYC device claimed to have an encounter with a man named Bill who’s appearance seems to match that of the individual seen earlier in our footage at the device recovery location.

This is so bizarre that I don’t even know where to start. Today as I am leaving work I get stopped in the lobby by a tall hooded man wearing a skiing mask and some kinda goggles that completely cover his face...
There is also an all in one whistle/compass/thermometer thing. Finally there is also a note with the following instruction:

Face North.
Take a photograph.
Contact Enitech Research.

We are still working to determine who this individual calling himself “Bill” is and what these instructions mean. We know as much as you do about the nature of these cryptic messages so far but we expect to learn much more in the coming days. It is becoming a great concern to us that the people in possession of these devices could be in danger, or being manipulated by outside factions in a conflict we don’t yet fully understand.

Also, last night around 2:43 am, someone named Alex emailed us these photographs he states that he was able to stumble upon. Upon first glance it appears as if someone else might be in possession of a device similar to ours.


Please stand by for further updates on this situation. We will bring you the latest information as we find it.

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