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[edit] EniTech Blog

[edit] Entry: (June 15th, 2007 3:34pm)

[edit] Great paper from Spectel a few years ago (direct link)
Mark Davidson over at Spectel Research Corporation (down in Palo Alto) wrote a fantastic paper on “Tachyons, Quanta and Chaos” that I just got around to reading. For anyone interested in the subject I think you’ll enjoy checking this one out.

From the abstract:

It is shown using numerical simulation that classical charged tachyons have several features normally thought to be unique to quantum mechanics. Spin-like self-orbitinghelical motions are shown to exist at discrete values for the velocity of the tachyon in Feynman-Wheeler electrodynamics and in normal causal electrodynamics more complex closed orbits also appear to exist. Tunneling behavior of the classical tachyon is observed at classical turning points depending on the angle of incidence. The equations of motion appear to be chaotic and effectively indeterministic when the tachyon crosses its own past light cone. It is argued that self-interacting tachyons moving in a tight helix would behave causally, and that they could be a basis for a hidden variable description of quantum mechanics. A procedure is proposed which could determine the fine structure constant.

It’s available online to read here courtesy of the Cornell University Library:

Definitely worth a read.

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