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[edit] EniTech Blog

[edit] Entry: (Thursday, January 10th, 2008 4:31pm)

[edit] The Cyberdyne Tragedy, 16 years later (direct link)
Has it really been that long? On our Facebook group we were discussing with some of the former employees asking them what they’ve been up to in the recent years since the company. One young man had this heartbreaking story to share. I thought it was worth sharing here.

Zoltan Gerts (St. Johns) wrote 11 hours ago.
My father worked as an engineer at Cyberdyne for 11 years. After the Sunnyvale plant was destroyed his department closed down and he was laid off, he could not find a new job for over a year. He got behind on bills and could not pay the mortgage on the house. He and mother would fight all the time. In ‘93 they divorced and my sister and I went to live with mother in Seattle. I have not heard from him since.

Father worked for the advanced cybernetics research department, did anyone else here work for that department? Maybe you know where I can find him.

Dad, if you are reading this I want you to know that I miss you...

Sometimes it’s hard to realize the full ramifications of a tragedy till years later.

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