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[edit] EniTech Blog

[edit] Entry: (January 11th, 2008 4:50pm )

[edit] r 390 A/B: Downtown San Francisco - a disturbing discovery (direct link)
This morning we followed the suggestion of one of the Digg users, KdeL, and took our tachyon device down to downtown San Francisco to take generate an image. We spent many hours processing and gathering data into the system in order to generate a much higher resolution shot than usual. All told it was probably around 17 hours of processing time.

At the end of the cycle we came out with an image we found downright disturbing. We’re still deciding whether or not to proceed with our public discussion videos.

At this point we’re having a internal conversation about the issue. We feel it is important to remember that we do not fully understand the nature of this process yet and the images that we’re seeing aren’t necessarily “the future” or even definitive. This could likely be simply an error in a completely new and untested technology.

[edit] Notes

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