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Takebackthefuture.com - Take Back The Future

Promo trailhead site for the TV series
(direct link)

Autumn, 2007

During various tv shows and premieres, there was a viral ad that started out with a pair of red robotic eyes lights lighting up, followed by several flashes of action, followed by the url "Takebackthefuture.com". On the website there's a counter counting down days, in the style of an old analog counter.
  • The counter is also interrupted with flashes of video (SWF), and audio recordings (anyone know of any stored versions to link to?).
  • Some audio clips were transcribed as
"Listen to me. Skynet - it's happening again"

"This is real. They will take over. We're all in danger - my mom's not crazy."

January 12, 2008

  • Takebackthefuture.com now shows a red eye, which when clicked fades and produce a map of the earth. The video shows the human population count in relation to the cyborg population, and its dratic change over time due to 'Judgement Day', and the resulting war - humans are all but wiped out, and the cyborg population spreads to 3 billion, while humans remain with 47 million.
    Three blue points of interest appear near the end - in southern Mexico, northern Colombia, and Israel. The countdown then returns at the very end.

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