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[edit] Centurion Project Rejection Letter

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To whom it may concern,

All of us here at the Dyson Trust would like to sincerely thank you for travelling to uor Board Meeting to present your proposed 'Centurion' project for our 2007 consideration. We found the presentation to be very memorable and struck quite a bit of discussion with our Board. It was very clear that the efficiency of the Centurion will advance its field dramatically with its innovative design.

After careful review of all the proposal we received over the past year, it is with regret that our Board has selected another project for financial support. Although it satisfies many of the criteria set out in the trust's mandate our Board felt that it was a revolutionary application of theory but did not extend the existing theoretical models.

The Dyson Trust grants financial assistance to entrepreneurs and academics in the fields of Computer Science, Robotics, Physical Sciences and Engineering. Our mandate is to further research in cutting-edge technology in the hopes of benefitting all mankind. Each year our Board of Directors meet to review nominations and select one project deemed the most revolutionary and experimental.

This year, the Board of Directors felt strongly enough about the Centurion to offer their services in an advisory role. Many felt that this project was best suited as a Department of Defense initiative and our contacts in that Department may help fast-track their involvement.

The Dyson trust's Board of Directors wishes you the best of luck in your future projects and welcomes any future submissions seeking support.

Lawrence Kelly
Senior Project Officer
The Dyson Trust

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