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[edit] DysonTrust.org - The Dyson group

[edit] As of January 15, 2008

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[edit] January 18, 2008
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[edit] Overview

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  • "The Future Starts Now."
  • Informational introduction:
The Dyson Trust was created in 1997 by ex-employees of Cyberdyne Systems in memory of its Director of Special Projects, Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson. Once Cyberdyne was closed and liquidated, its remaining assets were placed with the Foundation to award one promising new project each year with an undisclosed grant to explore new applications of the latest scientific theory.
The Trust is now organized by a small Board of Directors who have been invited to elect one initiative that fulfills the following criteria:

  • Reaches to the very edge of established scientific theory
  • Encourages a small to medium-sized scientific team to collaborate with the greater community
  • Has long-term application in a commercial product.

[edit] Supported Projects

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In 2007, The Dyson Trust selected the Bay Area EniTech Research labs for financial support. Their research into faster-than-light particles has manyapplications for imaging and diagnostic tools. The engineering team assembled by Dr. Frank Bentley and research team led by Dr. Anna Kies has proven that EniTech stands at the forefront of this technology and will use the Dyson Trust's contribution to create a prototype of their theory thus far.

You can find the latest information about EniTech at their corporate website here.

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[edit] Miles Dyson

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  • Main content, info and dedication to Miles Dyson
Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson was Director of Special Projects at Cyberdyne Systems in Los Angeles, California. His groundbreaking research in cybernetics quickly led Cyberdyne Systems to secure a large government contract for unmanned vehicles. The field of Artificial Intelligence was catapulted by Dyson's papers on neural network processing in the late 1990's. “He saw things none of us even thought to look for” explained Dr. Frank Bentley, a co-worker at Cyberdyne. “It was just incredible to watch him work – his mind always seemed to know what was on the horizon and he infused us all with a vision that went far beyond a paycheck.”

Cyberdyne hired Dyson to direct their Special Projects division which quickly grew to much larger proportions than the original core business. He took Cyberdyne in a bold new direction with his research and was on the verge of announcing a major breakthrough in the summer of 1991. Unfortunately tragedy struck when his home and laboratory were destroyed by an apparent terrorist attack and Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson was killed. He is survived by his wife Tarissa and their two children, Daniel and Blythe.

Though he has passed, his vision for the future lives on.

"Imagine a world where people don't make mistakes anymore" - Miles Dyson

[edit] Apply for Funding

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  • Main content:
The Dyson Trust grants financial assistance to entrepreneurs and academics in the fields of Computer Science, Physical Sciences and Engineering.Our mandate is to further research in cutting-edge technology in the hopes of benefitting all mankind. Each year our Board of Directors meet to review nominations and select one project deemed the most revolutionary and experimental.

Our annual grant is confidential as it varies from year to year and does not wish to draw unnecessary attention. Above all the Trust hopes to focus attention on the projects it supports each year, in honour of an esteemed colleague and friend.

Nominations for support are requested each year with a call for proposals. All members of the Dyson Trust mailing list will be notified when the next round of submissions are open.

Contact submissions@dysontrust.org

[edit] Secure

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  • A secure section with a login (user: anna_kies pass: ROBIDA)
  • The page is composed entirely of images, in order shown below

As text: Centurion rejection letter, Device status document
Image #3 reads:
These punchcards were found in the canister recovered with the modified camera. We believe them to be clues to locations of other cameras like this one, buried around the United States. It is our feeling that whoever planted these went to great lengths to conceal their meaning.

[edit] Project Index

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