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[edit] Terminator Franchise - Extended Reality Wiki

Welcome to the wiki! This site is a reference intended to track all the information about the extended reality components to:

Watching campaigns for:

  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fox network TV show
    on Fox.com, on IMDB, on EpGuides.com
  • Terminator: Salvation, Sony Pictures' upcoming 4th movie in the series
    Official site, on IMDB
  • Webby Awards: MillionsOfUs gets Honoree kudos for "Terminator: Dark Discovery ARG" (link) --Congratulations MoU! --~~

[edit] In-game Quicklinks


Enitech Labs:

Web Reference



[edit] TV Show / OOG Quicklinks

Fan sites/references
Web Reference

[edit] Latest News

[edit] March, 2009

  • Skynet Research has sent out an email informing people about technical difficulties on their site. But, there's more going on here. They are telling people not to visit ResistOrBeTerminated.com, and the messed up audio is actually a radio transmission! (more)

[edit] January, 2009

  • A new website has appeared, looking fairly viral/argish - SkynetResearch.com - which includes an overt link to Warner Bros' privacy policy.
Contact info is revealed by a VCF attached to the sign-up confirmation email:
Skynet Research, PO Box 179, NYC, 10013
Email: info@skynetresearch.com
It's likely unrelated to Enitech Labs, but still uncertain at this point if it's T:SCC related, or for the upcoming Terminator: Salvation movie.

[edit] March 12, 2008

[edit] March 10, 2008

  • The code has been broken, revealing an address for another deaddrop in Sausalito. See the puzzle page for the location and details.
  • An email from the resistance indicates they think it may be in some out of the way place that has lockers, mailboxes, or storage.

[edit] March 9, 2008

  • The 2nd part to an informative look at the events surrounding Enitech and its research is posted to BoingBoing TV - here. Watching the entire video, just before their commercial is a frame with what appears to be a code; the attempt to decode it is on the puzzle page.

[edit] March 6, 2008

  • A new blog from Enitech says they received an email from the Resistance, telling them to remember No fate but what we make. Resist the machines. Take back the future.
  • Quiet Earth was contacted by the Resistance, posting about their entire experience on their site.

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