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[edit] Tachyon photos

[edit] Description

  • Definition of Tachyon from dictionary.com:
    n. A hypothetical subatomic particle that always travels faster than the speed of light.
  • Detailed description on Wikipedia.
  • In short: because the tachyon travels faster than light, it's theorized that it travels backwards through time, rather than forwards. Due to this physical property, when the tachyon camera takes a photo, the photo must be processed (taking up to 17 hours in some cases) to depict the tachyons captured. In effect, the image formed is actually an image from the future, determined by Enitech to be approximately 1193 days forward in time.
  • Initially the count was 1191 days, but as their research progressed, the gap period's margin of error was reduced, and is currently believed to sit at about 1193 days.

[edit] Tachyon photography

  • Enitech has discovered ways of producing imagery formed by capturing tachyon traces using various sources:
    1. Their Tachyon camera, custom built based on technology developed through R&D of a special pre-modified Canon Powershot S100 camera discovered from an unknown source.
    2. Four other S100 cameras identical to their initial device, hidden at four locations around the United States.
    3. Regular digital photographs they have recently discovered contain tachyon traces, which they can extract and process to form their tachyon equivalent.
[edit] Enitech Photos

Before After
Dec 23 / 07
Dec 24 / 07
Jan 3 / 08
Jan 10 / 08
Jan 1 / 08
Jan 12 / 08
Jan 16 / 08
Jan 18 / 08 (no originals)

Before After
Jan 24 / 08 (via resistance package camera)
Jan 28 / 08 (via resistance package camera)
Jan 29 / 08 (via resistance package camera)
(user submitted digital photo)
Feb 2 / 08 (via resistance package camera)
Feb 4 / 08 (user submission)
Feb 5 / 08 (user submission)
[edit] 3rd Party Photos
Before After
Jan 23 / 08
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