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[edit] SkyNet


Skynet is an artificial intelligence in the Terminator universe. Once Skynet becomes self-aware, it is destined to trigger the nuclear holocaust of Judgment Day and deploy an army of Terminators against humanity. Skynet has also mastered time travel, and sent numerous Terminators into the past in order to kill Sarah Connor, John Connor, and other leaders of the Resistance.

It is the instigator of Judgment Day and the mass genocide of humanity...

[edit] Skynet Embedded Network

  • Revealed Feb 16th, 2008, SkyNet has set up a communication hub for its T-Series infiltration units sent back to 2007/2008, via the email address
  • It appears communication is limited with its units, as people are able to intercept communication and pass themselves as terminator units, when using caution.
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