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[edit] Puzzles

  • red denotes unsolved puzzles, green denotes solved

[edit] coded phrases

gvnrmc uqxjay /
lwyeavmks /
ui /
2fw wyeiet mqyi utbsrft

[edit] Steps Taken

  1. Go back to Enitech's blog entry containing a message from the Resistance:
    We have a message for you from the resistance fighter who placed the cameras:
    No fate but what we make. Resist the machines. Take back the future.
    Remember this. You’ll need it someday soon.
  2. Using the ciphertext:
    gvnrmc uqxjay lwyeavmks ui 2fw wyeiet mqyi utbsrft
  3. Apply the phrase as a vigenere key to the encoded text (note the "2" is ignored)
    no fate but what we make resist the machines take back the future
  4. Return the decoded result:
  • The only 3020 address in Sausalito is 3020 Bridgeway, a plaza with a number of businesses.
  • It's a deaddrop, in the "2nd drawer file cabinet" in one of these businesses.

[edit] Deaddrop package contents

  • A CD containing the following video:
Judgement day is inevitable. It's not up to me any more. It's up to you to change the future. If you want to change the future, you've got to do it slow. You have to rise together and fight them, or they're going to massacre you one by one.

The future's going to happen sooner than you think.
Change tomorrow happens today.

This is Anna Kies, one of the last survivers of the human race.
March 13, 2013.

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