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[edit] EniTech Blog

[edit] Entry: (January 21st, 2008 9:53pm)

[edit] Strange email from someone claiming to be "a member of the Resistance" (direct link)
We just got this message a few minutes ago. The subject line read “From a member of the Resistance.”

You’re running out of time. It will be back. Skynet is not dead. You will be.

You have the pad so here are the first 2 device locations.
wph psmawxtugj umbpvi vw qsnv lkm vsfzhge fy alj gczcaj bh m qsus ll uleieuw vvopj yh yp xoe ihzcijnbx uvscwmewaif momgkm rwmv dtiok trs fmt kbv qlpr kcmp xksir qigbs qyi oef pckzd nrqqr timv rbui xzf lvnv ssxf rmykb
mpg bmfospalvl hqjugr bk uligs hopx xn d wzcqep lsqxkigw eed tukcwkc lasys uk xqstl hbt jaadh srbmgd vrc yffe ab ofk aqpa jcw zys lrvqfrohtl dmgdocr

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