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[edit] Puzzles

  • red denotes unsolved puzzles, green denotes solved

[edit] Anna's Worried


  • So, in this blog post on Enitechlabs.com, a single picture (link) was posted of Anna Kies at her work station, with a view out the window of the parking lot.
  • Against the window lies a sheet of paper with a symbol, numbers and letters, which looks like a puzzle begging to be solved. (the letters also appear to be graphically edited, indicating it is in fact a puzzle to be solved)
100% crop
100% crop
[edit] Steps taken (spoilers below, if you want to solve yourself):

  1. the letters "otbktzgy kdiuraoyyk bozgs pabgz vkx gxzky" are actually ROT-20
    decoded, the letters spell "inventas excoluisse vitam juvat per artes"
    in corrected order, this is the latin phrase "Inventas vitam juvat excoluisse per artes"
  2. the latin phrase appears on the three Swedish Nobel prize awards - Physics and Chemistry, Medicine or Physiology, and Literature
    the latin phrase literally translated means "Inventions enhance life which is beautified through art"
    loosely translated as "And they who bettered life on earth by new found mastery."
  3. the corresponding numbers when placed in the corrected order of the latin phrase become
    Inventas/75 vitam/39 juvat/98 excoluisse/97 per/7 artes/44
  4. The numbers refer to particular years in which the Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded. Taking the first letter of the middle names of winners, in the year order given, gives the phrase
    R O B D A I
  5. ROBIDA is the password for user id anna_kies on the Dysontrust.org/Secure site
[edit] Speculation...
  • Given the discovery of the Dyson Trust website's secured section requiring a login and password for project members, the fact that both Frank Bentley and Anna Kies are listed as project members on the Trust's projects page, it's believed this sheet of paper may hold Anna's login and/or password to the secure section.
  • Anna's bio may hold additional clues to her password, if this is the correct path.
  • It's possible that the numbers may represent 2-digit years (in the 1900's?). They may be pointing to winners of certain nobel prizes in order to produce a letter for each number (for example - the first letter of the first name of all Nobel physics awards winners in the years listed in order of the number sequence). See the table below.
  • In a new video, writing on the whiteboard on the wall seems to be giving hints, such as "PHYSICS", "MEDIUS NOMEN" (middle name), and more.
  • The hints from the whiteboard suggest we should use the middle names of Nobel Physics Prize winners - according to the numbers as years of winning. The possible words, taking the first letters of the middle names in order of years, are represented here:

(n,r,j) o (b,l,c) d a i

  • Given that the Nobel quote is in latin, it's possible that the resulting word will also be latin. It is also possible that the answer must be ROTed by 20 (or 6, to "reverse" the effects of the ROT 20 given in the paper puzzle).
[edit] Nobel Physics prize Laureates

listed by year, first and last name

Aage    N.    Bohr
Ben     R.    Mottelson
Leo     James Rainwater

Ernest  O.    Lawrence

Robert  B.    Laughlin
Horst   L.    Störmer
Daniel  C.    Tsui

Steven        Chu
Claude        Cohen-Tannoudji
William D.    Phillips

Albert  A.    Michelson

Isidor  Isaac Rabi
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