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[edit] Security Trust of Los Angeles

  • A bank that was located in Los Angeles
  • "E. Boykins" secured a job there in 1963 to develop in secret a heavy weapon and time displacement field unit as noted in the pilot.
  • This is the bank that Sarah, John, and Cameron visited in the pilot episode (image shown to the right), when locating box A117 registered to "E. Boykins", or "The Engineer" - a resistance fighter from the future who developed a powerful weapon and components for a time displacement field which would take them to 2007 - in the middle of the 105 freeway
  • The bank is believed to be destroyed since 2007 since the trio was teleported Terminator style from the bank's vault into the middle of the 105 freeway.
[edit] January 23, 2008
  • vpisteve is instructed to locate the bank and take a picture of box A117 with a special camera retrieved from a resistance package he found in Granada Hills, California.
    He's unable to snap the vault, but does take two photos - the front of the bank, and the outer wall closest to the indoor vault (which was subsequently developed by Enitech).
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