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[edit] Full Timeline, Part 1

[edit] Rabbithole/Pregame (Enitech and The Gardner Project)

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[edit] Autumn, 2007

During various tv shows and premieres, there was a viral ad that started out with a pair of red robotic eyes lights lighting up, followed by several flashes of action, followed by the url "Takebackthefuture.com". On the website there's a counter counting down days, in the style of an old analog counter.
  • The counter is also interrupted with flashes of video (SWF), and audio recordings (anyone know of any stored versions to link to?).
  • Some audio clips were transcribed as
"Listen to me. Skynet - it's happening again"

"This is real. They will take over. We're all in danger - my mom's not crazy."

[edit] June 15, 2007

[edit] August 28, 2007

[edit] September 12, 2007

[edit] October 11, 2007

[edit] November 20, 2007

[edit] December 23, 2007

  • New EniTech blog entry: Dec 23, 2007 - Image 113 A/B from this evening.
    Enitech reveals the first image taken from their tachyon camera, and its comparison photo to today, making note of a few environmental differences, such as a renovated building.

[edit] December 24, 2007

  • New EniTech blog entry: Dec 24, 2007 - Image 284 A/B - 12/24/07
    The second tachyon camera photo is revealed. Today's photo is of an empty area in San Francisco, where the tachyon photo reveals a building has been built.

[edit] January 3, 2008

  • New EniTech blog entry: Jan 3, 2008 - Images 57 A/B.
    The next tachyon camera photo is revealed. Today's photo is of a street in San Francisco, where the tachyon photo reveals a few minor differences.

[edit] January 6, 2008

[edit] January 9, 2008

[edit] January 10, 2008

  • New EniTech blog entry: Jan 10, 2008 - s34A/B gives us a very unexpected result.
    Enitech has revised their estimate of hours ahead in time the camera takes pictures, to 28,632 (about 1193 days, from the initial 1191 estimate). Their next photo is of an Enitech employee, Jacob Gustar, who they asked to return on their estimated future date (April 17, 2011) to the same spot, and see if the tachyon camera shows him in its picture. It did not.

[edit] January 11, 2008

[edit] January 12, 2008

  • New EniTech blog entry: Jan 12, 2008 - 2nd Gardner Project Video - Test Results
    Enitech's second video of the tachyon camera is uploaded to youtube, and another pair of photos is displayed - this time of a newspaper stand. The future paper indicates an unknown disease is rampant. The video also shows they tested the camera on a mirror, which revealed simply tachyon static.
  • Takebackthefuture.com now shows a red eye, which when clicked fades and produce a map of the earth. The video shows the human population count in relation to the cyborg population, and its dratic change over time due to 'Judgement Day', and the resulting war - humans are all but wiped out, and the cyborg population spreads to 3 billion, while humans remain with 47 million.
    Three blue points of interest appear near the end - in southern Mexico, northern Colombia, and Israel. The countdown then returns at the very end.

[edit] January 13, 2008

  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 1 premieres on Fox

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