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[edit] Puzzles

  • red denotes unsolved puzzles, green denotes solved

[edit] "RESIST" Plaques

  • Tachyon photos show a large, bold "RESIST" alongside a triangle symbol with circles and connecting lines.

[edit] Symbols found

  1. Received January 25, via the Granada Hills camera, photo of the Security Trust of Los Angeles bank vault (outside)
  2. Received January 28, via the New York City camera, photo facing north
  3. Received January 29, via the Austin TX camera, photo facing north
  4. Received February 2, via the Orlando FL camera, photo facing north
[edit] Crops
[edit] Tracings

[edit] Additional info

  • Revealed in an Enitech blog post (2/08), notes found on Mike's desk. Mike believes it was a pyramid, 3D diagram, and the 6 input nodes may be GPS coordinates of camera photos.

[edit] Speculation

  • With 3 sides, 6 shapes would create another hexagonal shape; 4 could create a tetrahedron
  • The symbols themselves look familiar to some - possibly seen in Terminator 2.
  • The four pieces so far received do line up together and form a 2D pyramid, with a few "loose ends" at the base pieces.
(or same image, w/central piece lines hilited white)
  • Mike seems to indicate it's a form of neural network diagram. With broken lines, forming a 3D tetrahedron from the triangles means the lines on the upper two sides of the cap piece. The lines do seem to intercept other nodes.
  • Tracing the patterns on to a transparency, it's possible to construct a transparent 3D pyramid.
  • Remodelling the pieces to form what the pyramid may look like from multiple angles, with each piece as the 'base' of the pyramid doesn't seem to reveal any recognizable or suspicious pattern.

[edit] Solution

  • Sending a picture of the constructed 3D pyramid to Dyson Trust granted a user access to their advanced AI research program BlueCom - and this leads to the next puzzle
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